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University Trails Lexington | It's Fall Y'all!

Leaves Changing, Football Saturdays, Sweaters, Boots, Hot Drinks by the Fire, and Haunted Houses!

Here are some ways to get in the spirit of Fall!

  • Host your own Haunted House and Halloween party
  • Volunteer to help with a local haunted hayride for kids
  • Organize a Fall carnival or block party
  • Have a DIY party with friends to create Fall decorations using leaves, burlap, cinnamon sticks, gourds and plastic or dried fruits
  • With the cool breeze sweeping through you can host an outdoor spa party by the pool that was recently closed until Spring
  • Feeling adventurous? Take a hot air balloon ride!
  • Go apple picking
  • Put your boots on and head up the mountain for a hike

Whatever you do, just make sure you have fun!!